mardi 18 septembre 2007

Guizmo-et-Wahyu-rama (par DG)

Guizmo et Wahyu

Guizmo, 6 mois

Wahyu, 6 mois

Comments : Those animals were bought illegally, they're an endangered species but of courses i didn't know that when my girlfriend and I bought them.
They look cute but they don't like to cuddle, they're easily scared, not human friendly and can bite (even with us, after we had them for over a year). To mark their territory, they piss and as they're nocturnal animals, flakes of piss and little droppings around your place is what you see the most often of them.

Learn from my mistake, don't buy Lorises!!!


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The Jakarta Team a dit…

They look like you, man... or the opposite ;)